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Digital Green Bond Solutions

We provide a consultancy service on the issuance and tracking of digital green bonds throughout the entire bond lifecycle

HorizenDigital provides expertise and tools for the entire bond lifecycle:

1) Pre-issuance (Structuring)

Project selection to fit relevant green bond frameworks and investor taxonomies classification; and coordination with underwriting syndicate for international rating, pricing, investor roadshow and document preparation

2) Issuance (Underwriting)

Underwriting (or the actual issuance of the bond) is done by a syndicate of

international investment banks in coordination with HorizenDigital.

3) Post-issuance (Impact Reporting)

To ensure reporting standards are compliant within context of relevant green bond

frameworks; ongoing impact reporting.

Bond Digitization Services

HorizenDigital's blockchain-based digitization platform provides value-added services. We automate data for issuers, validators, and investors, bridge gaps between primary and secondary markets, and employ best practices by the Environmental Finance's Bond Awards for green bonds.

Access to Our Global Capital Market Network

HorizenDigital has decades of expertise and relationships with global green investors.

Our matchmaking services help customers find the ideal investors and issuers in our deep international network.

HorizenDigital's Partner Ecosystem

Digital green bonds must comply with the same standards as traditional green bonds, to be certified as "green". HorizenDigital leverages partnerships with institutional grade services to faciliate this certification and monitoring process, with trusted industry experts.

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