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Cross Border Payment

The key motivation for digital currency adoption is the ability for these technologies to facilitate payment efficiency and enabling mass financial inclusion.


The existing international monetary system is based on inter-banking transfers enabled by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications), representing archaic infrastructure that was developed decades ago. Bank transfers using this system potentially require multiple days to clear and settle, are prone to errors due to the manual nature of the process, and require high costs that oftentimes goes through multiple correspondent bank intermediaries.


Importantly, there are 1.7 billion people around the world that are unbanked that are financially excluded from the formal financial monetary system.

FreeFlow has created the world's first Cross-Border Digital Currency "SWIFT" Network, but instead of wholesale bank-to-bank transfers, FreeFlow enables direct P2P retail/B2B transactions that bypass the traditional financial system.

This digital currency interoperability single-window API integrates a universal digital wallet, digital identity, compliance/regtech, custody, and FX capability capable of directly interfacing with 3rd party cross-border payments, digital wallet ecosystems, financial services, and superapps around the world.

There is a strong focus on a simple unified user experience suitable for new users who do not have the technical sophistication to navigate the complex processes currently required of participants. This would explicitly include built-in single click transaction capability (combined with FX exchange functionality), compliance checks of doing cross-jurisdictional transactions, anti-hacking technology based on internet security techniques, etc.

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Why us?

We represent vertically integrated capabilities by partnering with the world-leading companies representing institutional-grade, commercially scaled, and regulatory compliant solutions including payment gateways, CBDC backend solutions, digital wallets, stablecoin bridges, digital asset exchange, KYC compliance, custody, ATM/POS/cryptographic cards/etc. As such, we are in the process of forming significant trade bridges with the Global South, including ASEAN, Africa, Latam, MENA, and Europe.


Our technology was a finalist for the BIS/MAS/Bank of Indonesia Techsprint Challenge (losing only in the end to JPM’s Partior), we have developed dozens of business engagements with the payment companies in key geographic regions around the world, and are ready to business scale.

Digital Currency Single Window API
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