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Digital Finance-as-a-Service

We have established strong strategic partnerships with major technology and infrastructure providers to provide vertically-integrated solutions for digital finance. Working with best-in-class, institutional-grade strategic partners, we have developed the full-stack legal, regulatory, finance, business model, technology solutions for digital currencies/assets and Fintech infrastructure to enable institutional adoption of digital finance. There are immediately actionable opportunities for our strategic partners to help further build your company as the preeminent digital finance ecosystem in the world.

Digital Finance-as-a-Service Tech Stack

Digital Finance-as-a-Service Tech Stack
Vertically-Integrated Digital Economy Tech Stack

Universal and interoperable technology standard

for financial institutions, central banks, payment platforms, digital wallet aggregators, and other last-mile ecosystems. We have already integrated major permissioned distributed ledgers (e.g. Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda) and multiple permissionless distributed ledgers (e.g. Enterprise Ethereum, Cosmos, etc.). This infrastructure is already commercially implemented.

Digital Currency Single-Window API

enables central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), private stablecoins, and other digital assets to be transferred and exchanged globally in a seamless but fully compliant system integrating key functionality such as digital identity, universal digital wallet, custody, clearing & settlement, exchange, Regtech compliance, and FX liquidity functionality in a simple, unified, and intuitive user interface.

Digital Finance-as-a-Service Middleware Platform

to allow 3rd party Fintech and financial service partners to quickly develop digital financial service solutions leveraging a common set of microservices (including the Digital Currency Single-Window as the initial core functionality) that can immediately penetrate and scale into the key ecosystems in the developing world.

Integrated smart card technology

to allow crypto-secure offline digital currency transactions for end-to-end digital currency ecosystem support and financial inclusion.

Institutional-grade Automatic Market Making (AMM)

technology for FX liquidity provision. HorizenDigital has created an institutional-grade, regulatory-compliant, vertically-integrated solution to allow existing last-mile ecosystems such as regional digital wallets (e.g. MFS Africa, etc.), payment companies (e.g. Paypal, Alipay, LianLian, etc.), and super apps (e.g. Gojek, Kakao Talk, etc.) to connect to any country’s global digital currency clearing and settlement hub.

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