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Michael Sung

Michael is a technology venture builder, founder and investor in diverse high-tech industries, with expertise in digital finance & asset securitization, tokenomics, green finance and cryptoeconomics. Michael is the founding co-director of the Fudan Fanhai Fintech Research Center at the Fanhai International School of Finance at Fudan University. Prof. Sung has served on numerous advisory roles for the HK, Taiwan & China governments, and as an organizer of the UN Task Force on Digital Financing of the Sustainable Development Goals. He is the recipient of awards including MIT Enterprise Forum’s Most Visionary Technology Award and Google’s Solve for X Prize. Michael received his Ph.D in EECS at the MIT Media Lab/Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory after graduating from MIT Sloan Business School.

Vice Chairman

Barbara Meynert

Barbara is a business and thought leader with executive expertise in Asia and internationally across a broad range of sectors, including financial services and digital technologies. Barbara is Senior Advisor to the Fung Group, Adjunct Professor and the University of Hong Kong, and Vice-Chair of the Hong Kong-Asean Economic Cooperation Foundation. Barbara serves on the Hong Kong Cyberport Advisory Panel and the FinTech Advisory Council of the Astana International Financial Centres. Barbara is actively engaged in the UN ESCAP (The Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) ecosystem as a member of the Executive Council of the UN ESCAP Sustainable Business Network and the founder of its Digital Economy Task Force.

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Legal & Strategy

Ben McQuhae

Ben is the founder of Ben McQuhae & Co., a Hong Kong-based law firm committed to sustainability and innovation. Ben is a graduate of the University of Exeter and The College of Law and is qualified in England and Hong Kong. Ben is an industry leading international transactional lawyer with a passion for green finance, sustainable development projects, energy and innovation. Ben is a committed and influential figure in green and sustainable finance in Hong Kong and holds the following positions: Co-founder, VP and Special Advisor to the Chairman, Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA), Hong Kong representative, United Nations Financial Centres for Sustainability (FC4S) network, Member, United Nations ESCAP Sustainable Business Network, and was Founder and Co-chair, Hong Kong Green Finance Task Force prior to establishment of HKGFA.

Head of Business Development

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Barnas is a serial entrepreneur and engineering innovator with considerable experience in technology business development.  In his early 20's he founded and managed one of the largest dedicated financial web application server consultancies in the US, primarily serving Fortune 500 companies.  He has since gained 25 years of experience in venture fundraising, mergers and acquisition, and international business strategy.  He was former advisor to the Governor of Massachusetts in STEM policy, and received numerous awards for his STEM work in various international organizations.  In recent years, his company has expanded into greater China, and he has led a number of US-China collaborative ventures. His work has spanned a variety of fields including AI, financial business software, semiconductors, renewable energy/lighting and education; he has written numerous peer reviewed papers, published 4 books, and has spoken at science and technology conferences around the world.

Barnas Monteith

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Head of Green Bond Strategy

Li Zhang

Li Zhang has a decade experience in the renewable energy, banking and commodities trading industries in Europe and China. He has worked at leading European renewable energy company and development bank, across multiple functions including risk management, research, treasury and business development. Li also led a large Norwegian expat association in integration and entrepreneurship. Li holds an M.Sc in Energy Economics from Norwegian School of Economics, and also completed and certified in Climate-related Financial Risk programme from the University of Oxford.

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